Management of Wound & Abscess in Dogs & Cats

By – Pashu Patrika Team

Wound & Abscess are very common in dogs and cats. Although management of wounds can be done by applying wound healing creams, sprays and giving antibiotic medicines orally to the animals, there are many types of wounds which are difficult to heal.


Along with wounds and abscesses of dogs and cats, tumors of different body parts also create major problems for the animal and owner of the pet.

Now Canine Clan is an excellent tool to tackle such problems. if your furry friend has any type of wound, abscess, or tumor on any body part, you may give him Canine Clan (Wound and Abscess) product and very easily manage it.

Wound healing is a complex process and formation of granulation tissue by regeneration of fibroblasts and angioblast is necessary to form new tissue .
Canine Clan is a unique product that not only helps the formation of granulation tissue but also solves the problem completely .

Wound Healing

Canine Clan (Wound and Abscess) also helps to manage abscess & tumors. Continuous use of this product, not only reduces the size of abscess and tumor but also helps to achieve complete recovery .

Canine Clan (Wound & Abscess)

5 grams of Canine Clan (Wound and Abscess) is recommended one or two times a day with lukewarm water or milk for pets of 10 kg or above body weight.
For pups who are below 10 kg body weight, 2.5 Gms once or twice in a day is advised.
Use of canine Clan must be continued up to the full recovery .
Canine clan is completely safe and can be given to any age of the dog and cat.